Applicant 109 (PC)

Paul McClasky - Would-Be Politician


Paul McClasky is the youngest son of Senator Jack McClasky who is the head of the Federal Loyalty Review Board. The “FLRB” is the highest “court” in the bureaucracy which handles public cases that start as calls to the Vigilant Citizen’s Hotline.

For many years Paul’s older brother, Jack Jr., was groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps. Unfortunately for Jack Sr. (and probably also Paul), Jack Jr. opted out of a carrier in politics and instead became a public defender. In short order, Dad’s hopes for a political legacy were pinned on the younger son he had previously all but ignored. Eager for any sort of attention, Paul tries to be the hard-nosed, blood-and-thunder, champion of all that is American against the Comme Menace his father would be proud of.

The only problem is that Paul is a total bleeding-heart liberal.

Paul is pretty sure he’s not a communist per-sae, but he does believe in things like equal rights for all, compassion for those less fortunate and that it’s reasonable for factory workers to expect to come home with the same number of body parts they left with.

Paul should have leadership skills and physical disads that would keep him out of the army, such as bad eyesigh and/or asthma.

Possibly Paul actually wants to be a musician. So give him abilities and perks that let him identify sounds and pitches as well as being able to play a musical instrument in addition to leadership related skills and persk.

Applicant 109 (PC)

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