Applicant 316 (PC)

"Hey You" - New Age Nutjob


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“Hey You”, or “Hey” for short, isn’t this person’s actually name obviously. It’s possible that Vault-Tec has or could figure out Hey’s true identity but appears to be content to accept whatever was put down on the application. Hey believes that those who advise on spiritual matters should not have names because to have a name is to define one’s self and a spiritual adviser should be more focused on others. When asked for a name, Hey told the Vault-Tec Application Specalist that he had none and, after about a half-an-hour of trying to cajole something out of the applicant, put down “Hey You” partly as a joke but mostly because SOMETHING needed to go there.

When asked, you will say that you are following a calling and have divested yourself of earthly possessions and connections to be reborn.

In reality, you worked in a factory that makes string and was in a marriage on the rocks. Rather then apply and spend Armageddon in both a hole in the ground AND an unhappy marriage, your spouse sued for divorce. They then immediately remarried and was accepted into Vault 15 with their new family. Your reaction to this was to get drunk and crash your car. The head injuries you sustained caused a severe personality change. You may or may not remember his life before your “calling” (i.e. – crash)

You now believe it is your life’s mission to bring “spiritual comfort” to any and all “siblings” here on Earth. Your religion is essentially sun worship with a healthy dose of Judeo/Christian overtones (or whatever overtones you feel comfortable spouting). While the whole “not getting killed” thing is attractive, You believe that Vault Dwellers will need a spiritual adviser to remind them of the sun.

For skills Hey could have some mechanical/repair and have disads that reflect head trauma

Applicant 316 (PC)

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