Applicant 506 (PC)

Ralph Keller - Estranged Son


Candace, it’s Ralph. Tell Dad there’s no way in hell I’m spending nuclear Armageddon trapped with him in a fucking closet.
You can have my number. It’s “6.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a mushroom cloud to walk into. Have a happy holocaust!

Ralph Keller is an ancillary character in Fallout 3. You never meet him but the player hears a voice message from his father to him and a voice message he sends to his sister Candace.

The family applied to the Vault program and was rejected as their interpersonal problems came out in testing fairly quickly. You can read a short entry on what the deal is with this family here if you want. But the long and the short of it is that Ralph is so fed up with his family that he refuses to live in the same shelter with them if bombs actually drop. His family has an access code to a military shelter and rather then go there his plan is to either get into the Vault program as a single or to walk towards the first mushroom cloud he sees.

Ralph should be stated out as a geeky university student with some computer skills and a problem with authority stemming from Daddy issues.

Applicant 506 (PC)

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