Applicant 978 (PC)

Harriot Farnon - Veterinarian to the stars


Harriot is a vet and not a doctor. She should have medical knowledge and skills but I don’t know how to reflect the difference between the two. I don’t know how much difficulty a vet would have treating a person who is sick or wounded.

Her disads should reflect her preference for animals over people. The player should be encouraged, in some way to talk to a wounded person as if he or she were an animal.


Harriot actually wanted to be a doctor when she was a kid, but as she got older she came to realize she didn’t like people very much. She did, however, get along very well with animals and as a result went on to be the most famous Vet in the country.

Her “big break” as a celebrity Vet came right after she started her own practice. Her neighbor worked on the set of the popular TV show “The Adventures of Captain Cosmos” (8:00 PM on Thursdays) and they needed a vet for “Jangles the Moon Monkey”. Jangles was played by Albert, a squirrel monkey, and over the course of filming the first season he had developed “behavioral problems” that was costing the wardrobe department a lot of money in dry cleaning.

He was brought to Harriot, who diagnosed it as a nutritional problem and saved the day. The story was picked up by the media ironically as a “human interest piece”. Soon, all the big wigs in Hollywood started bringing their precious babies to The Farnon Clinic.

Starlets and producers are very pushy and always wanted to talk to Harriot while she worked on the animals. This was intolerable to her and over time she brought on more employees and became more of a figurehead. Her clinic is now essentially a glorified pet salon and she’s rather bitter about it.

Her application was rejected the first time because a) she applied as a single from the start and b) there were no plans to have any animals in the vaults other then humans. Harriot’s version of the letter from Vault-Tec will include an extra paragraph that Vault 74 may be re-designated as an “Arc of sorts” to preserve “healthy, hearty and beneficial fauna” through cryogenicly preserved embryos and breading. Vault-Tec believes that she would be an ideal candidate for, maybe not Overseer, but at the very least in charge of the veterinary staff… First she has to undergo the same testing as all potential residents.

Harriot doesn’t relish the idea of being stuck with other people in a hole in the ground, but she’s banking on it being better then being blown up.

Applicant 978 (PC)

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