Demo Vault

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The Demo Vault is the site where the PCs’ first physical test will occur. Julie will give them a tour.

The Demo Vault consists of a single U-shaped hallway. After entering, the first thing you see on the right hand wall is a window looking into a living area with a family room, two bedrooms and one bath. The door to this living area is on the other side of the window.

Moving down the hall, just before the hall turns left, on the right wall is a window and door for a kitchen and eating area.

The hall turns left and in the middle of the right wall is another window and door that leads into a classroom/entertainment room. This room contains many chairs, a projector and a large screen.

The hall turns left again and on the right wall is a door (with no accompanying window). The door leads to an office with some monitors that show what the Vault-Tec Eye-On-You Cameras™ are seeing as well as a locker that contains some riot gear.

Demo Vault

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