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So You Want To Be A Vault Dweller…

This game is being planned as a one shot, it was run at Gateway 2011 in GURPS by Treblem and DM Sam. It will be run at Dragon*Con 2012 in Savage Worlds by Treblem and Jeff. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by Bethesda Softworks, Obsidian Entertainment or even Black Isle/Interplay (what’s left of it anyway). We’re just fans.

A little run down on Fallout lore important to this game:
The decades before the bombs dropped were very like the 50’s but with super advanced technology and an aggressive expansionist effort. In spite of the happy-go-lucky “Leave It to Beaver” lifestyle and aesthetic of the general population, things were rather scary and uncertain. The US engaged in resource wars that involved the annexation of Canada and Mexico. During this time community, family and even single person fallout shelters were big and the leader in the industry was a company called Vault-Tec.

Vault-Tec accepted applications (with hefty deposits) from families to be accepted into nearby Vault Communities. If a family was not accepted the deposit would be retained and they would be put on a waiting list.

To make a long story short, Vault-Tec was actually just one tentacle of a shadow organization that would come to be called, “The Enclave”. The details are sketchy, but the jist of the story is that the Vault program wasn’t really designed to actually save people. Some vaults were designed and functioned as advertised but the reality is that most of them were large scale social experiments. The plan was to cause a scare, get people into the vaults, seal them and (since they were designed to be sealed for multiple decades) carry out their various experiments.

But then bombs actually dropped and people actually went into the vaults thinking they would be safe while political and industrial elite belonging to The Enclave retreated to shelters that were ACTUALLY safe.

The game begins a year or so before the bombs drop.
Vault-Tech has recently completed a round of selections for families to inhabit the various vaults. The PCs are all people who applied as “singles”, all of them either have no family or are estranged from their family and they are willing to move.

Vault-Tec tells them that they have spaces available in various Vaults all over the country and the newly annexed Canada. There are more single applicants on the waiting list then they have slots so the Community Selection Committee is giving them a chance to be more proactive in their efforts to be accepted. They will be given various challenges to see if they are qualified for a number of different jobs that need to be filled for keeping the vault prepared and running before and after the doors are sealed.

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